Sunday, April 29, 2007

Play Guess Baby MI Herr's Birthdate, Gender and other Stats Game

Try to guess when our baby will be born, the gender, the weight and length. You only have a couple of days until we announce the gender so make your guesses soon!!!!

Click the box below to play. I am interested to see who is the closest in most accurate guess...Take Care!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

It was daddy and his boys day. I went to work, as I typically do on Saturdays, and Mike took Kevin and Scotty to a birthday party, Kevin's Karate class, then to a rumage sale, the park stopping for slurpies of course and then to the local gardening center to buy more roses (I am very excited about that!!!). Everyone was in a good mood when I got home from work, that always makes me happy. When I got home Kevin helped me weed the garden and Mike planted some of the roses he bought. Then I went in to make dinner while Kevin and Scotty played the new game they got at the rumage sale. I will try to add some of the pictures Mike took today. Hopefully it works! Rachel

Welcome to the MIchigan Herr's Blog

I am getting really bad a sending emails updating everyone on our two growing boys and the one on the way. So I am trying to simplify as am I am sure that I may only get worse at this as we start to prepare for baby #3!!!!!

Hopefully Mike will help with the updates too (hint, hint honey!)


PS Play our Guess the Baby Game! Just click the box below and enter your guess and see what others have guessed! Hurry, we find out what the gender is May 2nd!!!!