Thursday, January 24, 2008

On the Move!

I was hoping my last baby would stay a baby a little longer so I could enjoy it a little longer, but it seems that is not meant to be. For the first time ever Jake rolled all the way over. Yes, he is now offically mobile & can roll himself right across the room should he choose to do so. Monday we also went to the Auto Show. Everyone tired out pretty quickly this year so we only made it through Ford, GM & the mini's. Scotty loves big trucks! Here are some pictures. Kevin spent MLK day with Grandpa & Grandma Skousen at the IMAX and the muesum.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas!

Christmas was the usual crazy busy. We left the day after Christmas for Virgina & enjoyed almost a whole week with the rest of the Herr clan. It is a trip Kevin & Scotty look forward to every year. They love their time with Grammie & Pappy, Jack & Sam and all their aunts & uncles. The highlight was meeting their new cousins Dylan (4 wks older than Jake) & Liam (2 days older than Jake). It was babies everywhere!!! Mike & Scotty have gotten into making balloon things... I don't know how else to describe it. I got Mike some professional balloons for Christmas, just in case the whole auto industry doesn't work out and we need a plan B. Kevin likes to look up ideas for Scotty & Mike to work on (future boss in the making). Here is a video to give you an example of the crazines that lives in our house.


Seven random things about the 'Queen' of the Michigan Herr's

1. I LOVE being a mom. It is the most challenging, patience building, love fulfilling job I have ever had.

2. I feel blessed to have all boys. Though I do worry about the type of world they are growing up in, the type of influences around them and the types of opportunties they will have as adults. Nothing makes my day like their smiles and small successes though.

3. I wakeboard but I don't snowboard, never quite picked it up. Odd?

4. Family is really important to me, but housekeeping?!? I am not so good at yet.

5. I have this drive I can't explain for family history, gathering, puttng it together, etc.

6. I like to share the fruits of my labor & make sure no one is left out.

7. I have an 600sq ft. organic garden in my backyard that I share with some friends.

I am going to 'tag' Becca. Bec ~If you get to it, you get to it. If not, no biggy.