Monday, May 12, 2008

On our way

(Eric Saarela)
(The picture posted is one of my all time favorites of Kevin and Scotty, from probably 2 years ago)

Well, our 3 1/2 weeks are up. Rachel drops Kevin and I off at the airport tomorrow afternoon. All of us have know all along Kevin was going back. I think one of the surprises is the extent that Kevin was able to transition back to life after his 2 + months at St. Jude. He never even missed a single gym class at school. Starting last Friday we've begun to say our good byes. We went to his old Elementary School and visited his first grad teacher, Mrs. Smith, who is a cancer survivor herself. Other staff members were absolutely thrilled to see him as well. Mrs. O'brien one of the office secretaries and the gym teacher were particularly pleased to see him. I think he got more hugs then he quite knew what to do with. Seeing a very masculine male gym teacher well up with tears when he saw Kevin (he had no idea he was coming to visit) made me almost lose it myself. Kevin was a bit overwhelmed, but it's real raw emotion from people who've been in his life. Once in a while it's important he knows the extent he's touched those around him.

Today the good bye parade continues as his class is having an ice cream party for him this afternoon. He's been a little bit back to normal this past week, as he asked me what day it was...I told him Thursday, and he said "that's awesome, only one more day of school until the weekend!". This was actually nice to see, as it shows he's come back full circle, and now counts the days until he doesn't have to go to school....he's not so starved for it anymore.

This evening we meet with the Make a Wish Foundation. I'm not sure what's going to be involved, but hopefully they'll be able to accomodate Kevin's wishes. He wants all of us: Mike, Rachel, Scotty, Jakey, and me to be able to go on the trip together. It will be something to look forward to when the chemo is completed.

24 hours from now Kevin and i will be on a plane to memphis. I guess at the end of the day it will be nice to get things started, so the unknown will no longer be....and we can get the proverbial show on the road.


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