Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 0.....Stem Cell Infusion

Kevin enjoyed his day of rest yesterday. Mike and Rachel said he didn't sleep much during the day, but was alert, talkative, and in good spirits. He's still not able to keep food down for more then an hour or two, but that's very typical. This too will eventually work it's self out. I was able to watch the first half of the Pistons game at the Target House, giving Mike and Kevin some additional quality time. I arrived around 9 p.m. and they were playing the Wii, so I went next door to the parent room and finished watching the Pistons game. Once Mike left Kevin really didn't stay up for much longer, but he really needed his sleep. Both of us were worn out to say the least, from 2 nights in a row of getting up every 2 hours for him to empty his bladder. I think I mentioned this before, but the medicine he was taking on those two days leaves his bladder vulnerable to hemmoraging. As long as it's not too full for a long period of time, and the output is as much or more then the input there's typically not problems. Kevin's labs have looked good, and still nothing has grown on the blood cultures taken 2 nights ago, meaning no infection. Kevin and I enjoyed a long night of uninterupted sleep last night. We "slept in" until 8:30 this morning and both of us woke up in much better moods. He had physical therapy around 10:15. This was much different then the p.t. he took before chemo. This was more to get him out of bed and was a little more fun and less to challenge him. The Therapist said his balance is definitely off right now, which is a combination of the chemo and the fact that he hasn't been able to fully digest any nutrition. At 11:15 a.m. he started the stem cell infusion. This was quite interesting to watch. It really didn't take very long--about 15 minutes or so. The preservative used to freeze the bone marrow had a pungent odor of cream corn. He experienced a little bit of nausea but it wasn't too bad. He took a nap shortly there-after and I left him around 11:30 with Rachel (she arrived in time to be there for him for the infusion as well). Having spoken to her an hour ago, it seems he napped for quite some time, but has felt pretty good overall. He starts TPN tonight, which is critical nutrition that he's lacking. I don't even want to say how much weight he's lost. They'll monitor how his body takes the TPN until Friday then discharge Kevin from the hospital until next cycle. I've already booked my flight for Sunday. It's been almost 3 weeks and I have to go home and take care of several things. My overall reaction to Kevin's first chemo cycle is this: The first day was even worse then expected. It's hard to prepare somebod for how sick, and how quickly somebody becomes very ill in respose to the chemo and medicine. Other then that, Kevin's handled things outstading! Don't get me wrong, he can't eat, but he still does knowing he needs to try. He was a trooper during the every 2 hour bladder emptying sessions for 2 nights in a row (more so then I, as I crashed for 5 hours yesterday afternoon), and his overall attitude has been a delight to see. He enjoys things, he's not depressed, and he understands why he's doing this. He knows the tumor is gone, and MRI's are clean, but that chemo and radiation give him the best chance for the cancer to never come back.

I'll see many of you soon!


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Laura said...

Hi everyone. I'm so glad he's having a good day. Kev is so lucky to have such loving and committed parents. Hang in there, all of you. Your fighting through this right alongside him.
Take care of yourself,
Hugs to Kevin