Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pictures of Life During Chemo

Here are some pictures of Kevin from yesterday. It turned out to be a very rough day for him. His body was working hard to get the toxins out as fast as they were going in. Mike unfortunately had to put him in pull ups last night because it was so bad. He ate pretty much nothing the whole day. He was very mad at me any time he was awake yesterday and I had a lot of trouble getting him to do mouth care. Hopefully he does better with Eric or Mike. I am worried about him alot.

Jake and Scotty hung out with Mike during the day yesterday and Mike got some really cute pictures of them playing. Scotty keeps asking where Kevin is and why can't he go see him. When Mike was at the hospital he was really confused about where, "daddy is sleeping". I think Scotty feels pretty lonely without Kevin around, Jake is a good distraction but it isn't the same because of the large age difference.

And this is what happens when Daddy is watching the kids.... ;-)


Jan said...

I will pray harder for Kevin and all of you. I know it seems so barbaric to do this to him. The only redeeming factor is that it is amazing what we can live through as humans. It seems our Heavenly Father made us to survive! And, it is amazing that chemo can really work too!! I know lots of people that can testify of that, me included. We love you!! Aunt Jan

grandmother debbie and aaron said...
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Kathy said...

Steven had some serious anger issues during his first round and which for him was dramatically out of character.

As for the pullups, that's the best way to go, it's so much better than the alternative.

I'm glad he's feeling better. In Steven's case, I felt that the amifostine was as much to blame as the cisplatin for making him sick.

Take really good care of your hands now before they become totally raw from washing, my hands were bleeding by the end of the first round of chemo.

I am so very glad he's feeling better and I hope the cyclophoshamide goes easier, as it did with us.