Thursday, May 15, 2008

MRIs and BW's

I'll start off immediately with the good news. Kevin's MRI's for his spine and brain both came back clear of any tumors or visible cancerous cells. Every MRI is going to be tough for all of us, and it's going to be a part of our life for years to come, but it sure was good news.
*************The rest of this is not for the weak of stomach**************
On to a funny little story. I must add this is with Kevin's 100% approval. He's sitting next to me laughing as I type this in fact. At any rate, yesterday I was up in arms about his weight. I wanted to test out Kevin eating past his comfort zone, or his I'm full zone. This was done with full support of doctors and nurses. My experiment started off well. We went to McDonalds where I enjoyed 10 chicken McNuggets, and Kevin proceded to eat all 6 of his chicken nuggets as well as a chocalte shake.........I should have left well enough alone. Three hours later we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (BW's). Kevin was pretty full but was a trooper. I told him to order whatever he wanted on the menu. Kevin chose mini corn dogs. He started off well enough, but half way through he said in no uncertain terms "daddy if I eat any more I'm gonna throw up". .......I should have listened!!!!!!!!!!! Two or three bites later Kevin blew chunks all over the restaurant; and I mean all over!! This was not 7 year old little bit of nasuea, this was 300 lb man getting violently ill type vomiting. I was terrified, but also a little impressed. He started at the table and continued to form a pathway all the way to the bathroom.....oh yes, Kevin just reminded me he "threw up in the bathroom too, but made it to the toilet". I ran terrified after Kevin to the bathroom and proceded to clean him up....there was a lot to clean up...a lot! After about 10 minutes or so of soaking his clothes and a minature sponge bath, we exited he restroom. They had a crew of people working on his works. I was embarassed to say the least.....Kevin was proud. (he's giggling histerically right now). I walked up to the manager who was cleaning it up, and offered my sincere apologies and tried to slip him $20 for his troubles. He was very nice and said he has kids of his own, and didn't accept the the moral of the story is when Kevin says he can't eat any more or he'll throw up, do not feed him more. My experiment is over, Kevin will not be forced to eat past the point of being full. The nutrutionalist and nurses applauded my efforts, but said with his stomach being shrunk so much, we need to keep feeding him snacks and high fat dense calorie shakes and treats. We'll offer healthy meal food, so he at least makes an effort to get some good nutrition. But milk shakes and pudding here we come. Kevin says "everybody was looking at him and was embarassed, but that he's proud of how much he did". Sorry for the gross out story, but Kevin and I are happy our day is over and in fun moods.

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brooke said...

Not to laugh at Kevin's expense, but that was one of the funniest blogs. Your humor is heart warming.