Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day -3 (second day) chemo continued

It's about 9:40 p.m. and Kevin is peacefully sleeping. Accross the board, with Mike, Rachel and my time with Kevin we've all seen a dramatic improvement from yesterday. He didn't have a single epsisode of vomiting today. As Rachel said he was playfull and even ate well. We hope and pray tomorrow is similar. Tomorrow is actually the exact same chemo regiment as today, so we'll cross our fingers it goes as well. Everybody told us the first day is miserable and they were right. I'm not going to assume the remaining days of this cycle will go as well, but I hope they lean closer towards today then yesterday---much closer. Yesterday is really a fog to Kevin. He had such bad nausea they had to medicate him pretty heavily to slow it down. The mouth care he's fighting though. In order to prevent sores and ulcers in his mouth and throat he needs to do a regiment of 2 different liquids...The first he swishes and spits, and it's pretty much like a salt and water combo, the second he needs to swish and swallow. Yesterday every time he tried to swallow it he became ill. Today he refuses to swallow the foul smelling and tasting yellowish liquid. I can't say I blame him.

Other then that our thoughts are with Heather as she fights an infection following her chemo, and Alina who begins her inpatient portion tomorrow.

I'm going to finish watching the Pistons lose.


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