Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Surgery completed

Kevin's surgery was completed almost 2 hours ago. We spoke to Dr. Shokat, and he indicated it went well overall. He did say because of the placement of his shunt, that they had to operate with exreme caution so as not to disrupt the shunt or leave it open to infection. He also said that Kevin's anatonomy was a little different which made he line placement a bit more challenging then anticipated. Overall though, the Hickman is in place and the surgery went off with no complications. I was a little nervous as Kevin became physically ill just before they put him under. This was not the ideal way to start surgery to say the least. They said it's actually fairly common, and they gave him medicine and waitted a few minutes longer before opening him up. When he woke up he was not happy. I can't blame him, as he's had to endure so much the last few months. He had a really dry cough immediately after, which they said was from the tube in his throat. The cough cleared up within 30 or 40 minutes with some water. He's very sore and went back to the Target House with Rachel, Scotty and Jake. I'm still at the hospital....I'm getting some work done, and am going to go to his 12:30 B clinic consult. The consults typically mean he patient doesn't need to be there. The nurse and surgeon said any appointments he's not present for will be understood. Kevin's very tired and I imagine is probably laying down near or with mom at the Target house. Seeing him come out of anastesia is not easy to say the least. He's always very upset, and just wants to go home. Today he was asking why, why, why repeatedly. I wish I had an answer for him.

Take care,



Diane Hanewich (Erik's mom) said...

Hi Rachel- Just wanted to say hi and let you know we are thinking of all of you. Glad Kevin's surgery went well. Tell Scotty that Erik said hi. We will keep Kevin in our prayers and hope that chemo goes well for him. Take care!
Diane Hanewich

Laura said...

HI guys...well I'm finally learning to use this site. We prayed for Kevin and for all of you all week. Tell Kevin we love him and I'm thinking of him. Stay positive and I'm here if you need anything at all.