Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can you Spare $1 in Honor of Kevin’s Battle with Cancer?

Please note: I know many of you have spared more than a dollar to help us manage all of the costs associated with Kevin's cancer treatment. Please know we really appreciate it and it is certainly helping us with these mounting costs of travel and living here in Memphis while we try to save Kevin.

Kevin’s school Glengary has this great program they call the Mileage Club. At recess on Fridays the kids can walk around the school and earn charms to go on a chain for each set of 20 laps they do. Kevin LOVES the Mileage Club and was really upset he was going to be missing it the rest of the school year. Kevin really enjoys going to Glenagry and I think the Mileage Club is really special because at Kevin’s old school he always seemed to be in trouble at recess a lot. I think the Mileage Club has helped Kevin develop friendships in a healthy way, with a bit of healthy competition where the kids encourage each other. Plus I think it helped minimize those few awkward days when his close friends weren’t around to play with.

I recently learned that the Glengary PTA is trying to raise funds to put a track in and they are a long ways from their goal. Friday May 30th Glengary is hosting their first Fun Run and they are asking the kids to get pledges for their walk. Since Kevin cannot participate I am asking all of our friends, family, our prayer people, basically anyone who is willing to send a $1 in Kevin’s honor to his school. The Glengary PTA is a non profit and donations can be tax deductible.

Here is where to send a $1:

Glengary Elementary PTA
ATTN: Denise Bither
3070 Woodbury St
Commerce Twp, MI 48390

RE: In Honor of Kevin

If you write a check please put in the memo it is for the new track. But feel free just to stick a dollar in an envelope and mail it off.

You all have been so wonderful to us with all of your care and support. I know it would be a long shot, but it would be so great if they were able to build that track by next fall. Kevin’s equilibrium is currently a little out of whack from the chemo and I am going to use the Mileage Club as an incentive for him to work on overcoming this small side effect.

God Bless,


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Laura said...

Eric & Rachel & crew...just wanted to say again I'm thinking of you and can't express just how much we're all praying and fighting here at home for Kevin and for all of you. We're here, your not alone and your always in our thoughts and prayers. I look forward to coming down and seeing you soon!