Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kevin's weekend

Kevin's been feeling quite energetic of late. Right now as I write this (it's about 1:35 e.s.t.) Kevin's playing the Wii with his friend Kyle. They're both quite the video bowlers, and Kevin's so good at Super Mario Cart that typcially his friends get tired of losing and wish to go on to the next game. I'm trying to work on sportsmanship with Kevin. He can be a bit of a boastfull winner, and you really don't want to see him when he loses. I simply took the controller away from him, and played Kyle in a game, while he took some time to cool off. He's seemed much better since his little break. He's been eating very well of late. I think some of the side effects of the radiation, at least in regards to appetite, have begun to wear off. He still gets a little bit naseaus when he go's too long without his nausea medicine, so I make sure Rachel and I adminster that like clock work. Speaking of nausea, Rachel's fell a bit under the weather today, which is why Kevin's still over our house. We all hope for a speedy recovery for Rachel.

Friday at school, Kevin gave his teacher and admistrators a bit of a scare. Kevin's shunt travels down his head to his neck, to his rib cage, to his stomach. His side once in a while gets very sharp piercing pain, due to the extra slack from the cathetar. We've experienced this before, and have learned to help him deal with it when it occurs. At any rate, he started having intense pain in class, and it didn't subside. They brought him to the office and they called Rachel. I came straight home as well to see him. Laying down didn't help any, so after a while I had him stretch out and walk around. The motion must have moved the slack away from wherever it was pressing on a nerve, and just like that he was pain free. Bonnie, Rachel's neighbor/friend/God-send helper, was there as well. He felt so good he finished off the day in school (only another 75 minutes or so) then had a play date with his friend Max from school and Cub Scouts. He's felt great all weekend. We went to Scotty's soccer game on Saturday. He's really improving, having a good nack for the ball. Once he gets there he's still a little apprehensive, but he's younger then most of the other kids on the team. He has good instincts and agility, and we look forward to seeing him progress. After the game we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Rochester Hills. He had a great time. Familiarity is something Kevin longed for in Memphis, so we've attempted to let him experience virtually all that he was accustomed to prior to his diagnosis. We weighed him on Saturday, and he was just a hair shy of 48 lbs. This is good news, as he was down to 46 lbs at one point. He's very optimistic that he can get to 50lbs and it's been verbalizing it as motivation when he eats. He starts chemo on the 23rd or 24th, so he still has time to gain the weight. He took to Radiation so well, Rachel, Mike, and I pray that he responds even 1/2 as well to chemo.

I here some arguing upstairs on the wii, so I will go police and sign off.


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