Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mario Cart

(written by Eric Saarela)
Just a quick note regarding Kevin's grand prize (for children) at Sunday's fundraiser......Kevin gives Mario Cart for the Nintendo Wii and A+ His homework was completed last night, so we had an inordinate amount of free time before getting ready for bed. As I was doing some chores around the house, I set the game up for Kevin. After about an hour of practice, Kevin and I played in the vrs mode. Kevin kicked my butt!!!! Did I mention he had an hour of practice before I played him? We plan on bringing the Wii down with us to Memphis so Kevin has plenty to do during the down time. Thanks again Ron & Sue for the Mario Cart game. There's nothing Kevin likes more then decisively beating his dad in a video game. He's even hit new highs with his trash talk. Such a competitive boy....I wonder where he gets that from :-)


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Brooke said...

The competiveness must come from Rachel. lol.