Monday, May 26, 2008

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

I thought this was important to share. Hopefully all of you are taking care of yourselves too and getting your kids to eat healthy. Below is from the St. Jude website.

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention
Diet plays an important role in preventing adult cancer. By decreasing the number of cancer-associated food products and increasing the amount of cancer-preventing foods you eat, you may reduce your risk of some types of adult tumors.
Most studies about diet and cancer prevention involve adults who are exposed to dietary factors over long periods of time. The real benefit for a child may be in developing habits that will reduce the risk of cancer later in life. Here are some great sites with information on nutrition and the prevention of cancer:
American Cancer Society: Guidelines for Eating Well & Being Active
United States Department of Agriculture 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
National Cancer Institute
American Institute for Cancer Research



Laura said...

Eric..Rachel...Please tell Kevin how proud we are of him. He's definetly teaching us more than we ever thought imaginable. Tell him please i love him so much and am thinking about him everyday. He's gotten through one more obstacle, I know he can do this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel,

Got your message today - it was on my phone in the car when we got back to it after leaving the hospital! We are leaving town in the a.m. to go on Cameron's "Wish Trip" (5 kids in Orlando - yikes) and we will be back next Tuesday.

Tell Kevin we said hello and that he's doing an awesome job to even THINK about eating! And don't forget to take of you during all of this, which I know is an easy thing to forget.

I'll call you when I get back in town to see how things are going and see whatr I can do for you guys.


Janine said...

Rachel & co
Hang in there! We are still thinking about you and praying for you all the time.