Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're Here

We landed safely yesterday evening. Everything went smoothly, and we were settled into the Grizzly House by 6:30 p.m. We ordered pizza, watched some TV (Go Pistons!) and called it a night. By 9 Kevin was asking me to turn the lights off. We got a lot of much needed sleep in preparation for today.

They packed an incredible amount of appointments into our schedule the next few days. Today has been jam packed with appointments. They're taking several test to make certain his body is ready to begin chemotherapy. Tomorrow is MRI day, and spinal tap. Patient services actually was able to get us an appointment to get our orientation and move in to the Target House today, but our schedule was so full we couldn't fit it in. The plan is for us to move in around 3:00 on Friday. It will be nice to be situated, so we can officially unpack.

He had his labs today, and his weight did not go up as we had planned. We were both pretty disappointed. We still have a little more then a week left, so he promised to listen to me the rest of the time and eat past the point of being full. A tummy ache is small price to pay for having a more healthy body for chemo. On a good note, he was very brave during the blood work for labs. He had his ort accessed for the first time in a month, and handled it very well. He's actually been in a better mood then me today. I've been a bit unpatient and even a little grumpy. Hopefully after we get settled in our routine and into the Target House we'll ( I guess I mean I'll) be in a better mood. The weight really got to me too. We've been working so hard, but he can be real convincing. He keeps telling us he's stuffed. The next week there are no excuses....He will eat beyond being full every meal of the day, plus snacks. He's on board, and there doesn't seem to be any hesiation or opposition from him. His way just didn't work, and he seems to accept that.

Other then that things are good. Kevin's in a pretty good frame of mind, and his health and energy are good.

Take Care,


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