Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day -3, Second Day of Chemo...much better

Just a brief update Kevin is up and eating and even has his silly sense of humor back! Horray!!! I am waiting for the poop explosions I have heard happen today but he has to pee every two hours to make sure he doens't become toxic. The nurses are much better today, much more responsive to Kevin and helping us but that also might be because he isn't so sick....yet. I am afraid of jinking how good we have it at this moment. Eric just left from his night shift. He stayed to enjoy Kevins good mood. It is really a nice to have his spirits up.

Eric tells me that Kevin mentioned this morning," This isn't that bad, I don't feel stuck."

This is my update. Maybe Eric or Mike will give another one later.

Thank you everyone for the prayers, comments and letting us know you are supporting Kevin and us through this. It helps us make it through the tough moments.


P.S. Here is a link to a TON of pictures a couple of movies taken this month.

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Laura said...

The pictures are amazing of all of the kids. You guys are doing such a wonderful job with all of them
:-) I can't believe that Jake is crawling...give him and Scotty a big kiss for me. You take care of yourself, I can't imagine how hard this is on you.