Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Time has flown by!

The whole nesting mode has really set in for me. I am cleaning out the house, lots of trips to salvation army!

Kevin and Scotty have been enjoying their summer. The beginning of July we joined the Virgina Herr's (Grammie and Pappy) and Forest (Mike's sister's family) families for our annual beach vacation in Maryland. It is something our two boys (especially Kevin) look forward to each year. Lots of fun was had with cousins, Grammie and Pappy and Daddy who is the biggest super hero of them all because he can think up ways to entertain 4 boys like no one else I know!!!

Last week Kevin and Scotty went to an All Sports Camp together. Kevin made a new friend and Scotty just thought it was cool to have his older brother with him. This week is back to the normal routine for us.

The baby is growing and seems to be progressing fine. I came down with the flu over the weekend and ended up at the hospital for dehydration. I felt much better after the IV and anti-nausea meds. I am always amazed and how much better my complexion looks after having an IV. But then dehydration does nothing for the complexion itself and any re-hydration is going to make it look better I guess. ;-)

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