Sunday, February 1, 2009


Quick update regarding all the aforementioned (prior post) activities this weekend. Kevin did a marvelous job with his joke telling at the school's variety show. The crowd, parents and kids both laughed throughout. Of all the times he practiced, including rehearsals, his best performance I saw was the big one. The Pine Wood Derby went well too! He didn't place, but his car was plenty fast, finishing 12th out of 30. The highlight for him was that he won 1st place in one of his heats (6 cars race every heat). This was his first derby, and he really enjoyed it. Scotty's b-day party seemed to go well too. Kevin really liked the cartooning artist they hired. I'll make sure to order some cartooning booklets from the guy. Scotty had plenty of friends there, and eveyboy seemed to have a good time. Finally, Kevin got his report card, and he did very well! I think his teacher may have been a little generous (or forgiving, perhaps) with his writting grade. However, he is making solid progress in that area too, according to his teacher, tutor, and writting resource specialist who sees him 3 times a week.

I hope everybody is enjoying the Superbowl. I played some cards during the day, but decided to go home and watch the game quitely by myself (Kevin's at his mother's house). I think I was ready for something low key, after such a busy weekend.

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