Monday, April 6, 2009

It's that time

Tomorrow, Kevin, Rachel, Jake and I make the journey back to Memphis. We've all grown to love the area and the people so much, but obviously it's hard to get too excited knowing the MRIs lie ahead. Kevin's been feeling great, so I'm going to take the positive mind set that we'll hear the feedback we want to hear following his tests. This past week's been tough psychologically on the entire St. Jude family, as Mary Kate Rushing passed. Regina, Mary Kate, and Alyson were pillars of the St. Jude community. We saw Mary Kate each and every day at the Target House, more times then not filling the room with her vibrant personality. I still get phone calls and emails from my St. Jude's freinds. I truely believe we've made friendships for life down there. Hope all is well with everybody. Please have a blessed Easter Weekend!


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Terri and Heather said...

We are keeping you all very close to our hearts this week while waiting results on the MRIs. We are happy to hear that Kevin is improving in so many areas. You are absolutely correct in saying we have made friends for life. We think of you all often and hope to see ya'll one day soon. Tell Kevin hi and enjoy your trip to Memphis. Scans will be CLEAR!! You are in our prayers. Much love, Terri and Heather