Monday, May 18, 2009

Been a while

I apologize for Rachel nor I updating the blog sooner, but no news is good news, right? Kevin has been feeling quite well. He has a great appetite, he seems to have a good amount of energy, and has picked up quite the proclavity towards hitting a baseball. I talk to Rachel often, and her and I are on the same page. We're still adjusting to our new lives, the after (traumatic brain tumor surgery and treatment) portion of our lives. I can honestly say I'm not the same person, nor am I close, compared to who I was 16 months ago. I might as well be named a different person, and I know talking to Rachel she feels the same way. We have nothing to complain about as Kevin is doing about as well as he could possibly be doing all things considering. He definitely is to the point he doesn't like his cancer to mentioned in conversations with others. I've had some sleeping problems, and we'll just say it stems from some post traumatic stress, but Kevin on the other hand wants that world to be over. God Bless him, so do we. I won't lie and say he's 'perfect. He still get's quite emotional when he feels the need, and is having some significant challenges with his writting. All in all, out of scale from 1 to 10 of what we hoped for, he's an 11. he won't talk about his cancer, but he does like to talk about St. Judes, so that's good. He realizes how special that place was for all of us. Our family is all doing well though, and Jake is growing, and growing. He's talking more, and pretty much doing all he can to keep up with Kevin and Scotty. Kevin's not growing a whole bunch, but the combo of a brain tumor, radiation, and chemo will do that. We may cross the growth hormone bridge when we get there. In closing, we were'nt close to Mary Kate like so many other were at the Target house, but not a day goes by that I don't think of her. Her passing was particuliarly hard on me, since she was such a strong virbrant young lady. At any rate, things are good, and we hope all has a happy and safe Memorial 'day Weekend.

Eric & Kevin


dianalyn said...

So glad Kevin is doing so well. the weight will come and the growing. i am sure of that. Just look at that smile - what a treasure he is :)

Terri and Heather said...

You are absolutely news is great news. We think of ya'll all the time. Can't say that I blame Kevin for wanting it all behind him. Like you though life ater all this takes some getting use to.

Post traumatic stress is a good way to describe it. We consider this our new "normal". We are still trying to figure out what that is exactlly. All we know that cancer free makes any new normal much easier.

I hope you are able to sleep better. It goes in spurts for me. We are very excited about DC and the Reach The Day Event. What a perfect way for us all to do our part in this childhood cancer that we have been living in.

Tell Kevin hi and hope your stress level eases up a little more with each passing day.

Much love, Terri and Heather

We are currently at Regina's now and have reminisced about Mary Kate a lot. It is amazing how much these young children teach us.