Sunday, September 12, 2010

All goode

I know we haven't posted much on here of late, but no news is good news. Both Rachel and I are avid facebook users, so feel free to friend request us there. At any rate, Kevin has been feeling very well. Summer came and went, and unlike 3 or 4 years ago, Kevin was not pleased that his summer vacation came to a close and school began. He's changed and matured so much during his journey. He's so polite and well spoken. Rachel and I are both amazed at how he's navigated this journy and some how became a polite, humble, person who doesn't expect any special treatment. He's in 5th grade now, which is scary because in slighly less then a year he'll be in middle school......ugghhhh!!!!..........But I suppose that's my issue, he's getting older and there's nothing I can do about it. Our entire family is proud of how he's continued to gain strength, and grow (from a maturity and emotional perspective). He's now on Growth Hormone. Rachel or I have to inject him once a day every evening. To be honesty, after everything he's gone through, and with all the experience we have with TPN (nutrition through his hickman) and all his meds, a once a day injection isn't so bad. We've been told the growth hormone won't only help him rocover some lost height, but should also be helpfull towards his overall all energy. I guess people (whether children or adults) who's body's don't produce appropriate growth hormone levels suffer through a litany of symptoms in additon to lost height. Hopefully Kevin's daily injections will help him with more then just growth. Tomorrow we meet with his teacher, the Principal and other staff members. He's a precosious intelligent boy, but radiation/brain surgery/chemo has produced some challenges in his accademic endeavors. It's our job to make sure he's given every possible chance to succeed. ............On another note, Kevin's last visit in late August was the last on his every 3 month protocol. Kevin reached the anniversary of 2 years clean scans after treatment. He now will go to St. Judes every 6 months instead of every 3. We've learned to embrace every achievement small or large during this arduous process. Less school missed, less work missed, and less sleep lost over pending MRI's. ........all around a good thing.

I hope everybody enoyed their summer, and is enjoying the fall.


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