Sunday, April 20, 2008

Silly String Wars

Friday we ended up having a very impromptu get together of neighbors and kids. The kids had silly string wars, water balloon throwing, pizza and we all just enjoyed each others company. One thing Kevin's cancer has really driven home to me is that everyday is a blessing and there is no promise of a tomorrow for any of us. I am trying really hard to smile more, enjoy the days God has given me and my family together, enjoy our friends, new and old. I feel very blessed that so many have reached out to us in our time of need. I know it has lifted Kevin's spirits, it has lifted my spirits when we really needed it. I could not imagine, nor do I want to, going through this feeling all alone. All of the prayers, generosity, and well wishes defiantly help to make all of us stronger, keeping us from breaking through this terrible illness. Please know that your actions matter and we really do appreciate them. I know first hand all of the prayers make a big difference. And not to say that there aren't days in Memphis when I don't feel like I am in hell. There are plenty of days when Jake is fussy, Kevin is jumping all around (or bitter & mad at me)and I am trying to understand what in the heck the doctor is trying to tell me about Kevin and his treatment through all of the noise. Or when Kevin feels ill and Jake, once again is not going to cooperate and help me out by being less demanding; Or when I miss Scotty and Mike terribly (which was a lot toward the last couple of weeks). Those are the times I feel like I am in hell. But there are the times when Kevin has to get up early to go to the hospital and he just doesn't want to get moving and I put Jake down on the bed next to him and Kevin just smiles, I can see how the bond between the two just brightens Kevins spirits. It is wonderful to see how much adding a brother means to Kevin and Scotty.

And there is something about Jake that makes me feel like our family is finally complete when we are all together, there isn't anything missing anymore, like the way I used to feel. Yes, it is a challenge and I am worried about how I am going to make it through chemo with both Jake and Kevin to take care of mostly on my own. But I wish Scotty could be there with us too and I keep trying to figure out how to get it so I can have all of my boys together through out this upcoming summer despite Kevin’s chemo and it being totally crazy and try to take care of all 3 on my own. I miss him so much and we aren’t complete without each other.

I know some people have asked about what Kevin’s chemo will be like. I will put the details of his upcoming treatment up in the upcoming weeks.

As for right now, Kevin seems to be handling the after affects of radiation fairly well. We just need him to eat lots of healthy food right now to build up his weight and get his body as healthy as can be for chemo. He spent this weekend surrounded by friends and family. Scotty is happy to have his brothers and mom home. Auntie Bonnie is doing a great job and we really appreciate how her kids have included Scotty as one of them. I really appreciate everyone who has helped out with Scotty over the last couple of months. Thank you so much for helping us try to keep it as normal as possible, (of course that is all relative when your mom and brothers are missing from daily life) but it could have been much worse if he would have had to change schools. Big THANK YOU to all who have helped and continue to help. You are my angels.

Thanks for checking on us! Take care!

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Leighsa McCommon said...

Hi Rachel. Just want to let you know that I'm keeping up with you guys and will be here in Memphis when you come back for anything you need help with. I have a meeting this week with the Athletics Director at my church about offering an outreach program for all of the summer sports camps to the siblings of St. Jude's kids who are stuck in Memphis for the hot summer. Meeting you really got my "how can I help people" wheels turning!

Don't forget to take care of YOU during this time at home, as you are all too aware of how demanding the next few months will be on YOU and your body!

So glad to see the pictures of everyone having fun!

Leighsa McCommon