Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun Sunday

Kevin and I finally took Coach Izzo up on his offer to come to a Spartan Basketball game. We had a wonderfull time. I've never seen Kevin have so much fun at a Sporting event. We were 6 rows behind the Spartans Bench, where family members of the players primarily sit. We could specifically what Coach Izzo was saying when he was yelling at the refs or his players....was kinda funny. Kevin was into each and every play. In fact I was looking through the program, and he got mad at me and told me to pay attention to the game!!! My sister and her husband saw on us on TV when the camera panned to the Spartans bench. Afterward we had took full advantage of the passes to the lockeroom area. Kevin was a bit shy, but did get to see most of the players. He also got to talk to Coach Izzo again. I took a picture of Kevin with the Big Ten Championship trophy in the lockeroom. I kept asking him if he was ready to leave, and kept stating he was having too good of a time.

Other then that everything has been status quo. Kevin continues to improve in school, and has seen his energy return to near normal levels. His coordination is still a little off, but that was never his forte anyway. We had one ice day on Friday, and we took full advantage. I picked Scotty and Kevin up from school then we got ice cream, then went to the park, where Rachel and Jake met us. Everything is going well, and we go back to St. Jude on April 1st.

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Terri said...

Sounds like Kevin really enjoyed himself. We are very happy to hear that he continues to improve. We think of ya'll often. I know you all will be relieved when the April scans are all clear and behind you. We continue to pray for you all. We hope to meet up at St Jude again soon on a checkup. We miss you. Much love, Terri and Heather