Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rolling along

It's been almost 3 weeks since our last post. For me that's a good thing, as I often use this forum to get out some of my thoughts and concerns when things were rough. Kevin's been improving in all areas of his life. His writting has improved, as has his endurance and strength. His fine motor skills are probably the thing that looks (for now) to be the longest term of the side effects. He still has challenges with things that most kids his age take for granted, such as buttoning his pants, twisting off bottle caps, or even cutting his food. He's trying in all these areas, and if he has time he can usually complete the task by himself. His writting has improved dramatically, so for that we're pleased. He's been making friends at school, the neighorhood, and through both Rachel's and my friends children. His hair has gone from the Chia-Pet looking style, to the softer combable style that most kids have. It's still uneven in some areas, but looking at this point if you're a stranger looking at him, you'd never think he's been through 9 months of intense radiation and chemo. He's still a bit sensitive and reactionary, but he was like that somewhat before his ordeal. Our next trip to St. Jude is on April 7th. It sounds like it's just me and Kevin at his point, which I'm a bit torn about. It will be nice to have alone time with Kevin in Memphis, but as far as the MRI's themselves it's always been nice to have somebody there for support. We'll see what develops as the date gets closer. For the most part Kevin and I are both looking forward to our trip back to Mephis. I also wanted to say we enjoy being kept abreast of all of our St. Jude's friends through their blogs.


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