Monday, June 22, 2009

Recovering period

Kevin's had some pretty rough side effects since his surgery. All he wants to do is lie down. When he moves he quickly becomes nauseated. Rachel brought him in on Friday, but the shunt was in working order according to CT Scan and a Shunt Tap. However since then, he's continued to get more and more tired. I saw him today for Father's Day, and after not seeming him since Thursday he looked beyond fatigued, and laid down on the couch, even eating on the couch for Father's Day. No big deal, since I sat there right next to him on the couch and ate with him. We've been in touch with both his Surgeon and St. Jude. The surgeon is saying there's a good chance it's a flow problem, since the failed shunt was flowing much slower. The new quicker flow may be making him feel sick, and hopefully will subside by mid this week. St. Jude wants us to be proactive (which we were already on Friday). So Rachel's keeping a close eye on him, and if he's bad tomorrow she's going to bring him in. I'm pretty hopeful it's what the surgeon said, but you can't be too careful.

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