Thursday, June 25, 2009

Healing and adapting

Many of you know this through phone calls, Facebook, and emails, but Kevin has been feeling much better the last 2 1/2 days. It seems the surgeon's gut was right. The prior shunt's flow was definitely slower due to the cap in the valve being clogged up. After replacing the cap, his flow sped up and his body was reacting to it. Now it appears he's adapted to the proper flow, as he's been up and around and no longer nauseated. Dr. Sood is somebody I have a lot of respect and appreciation for, to say the least. He did Kevin's two major surgeries, which was the inital external shunt (was done immediately to alleviate pressure in his brain due to hydrocephelus) and the tumor resection. We insisted he was the surgeon working on Kevin last week. He was kind enough to call both Rachel and I back on fathers day evening (a day he had off) to answer all our questions and concerns. We're very thankful to have the combination of St. Jude for protocol and Dr. Sood for surgery.

Also, today my sister's close friend Tracy Filak chaired a fundrasier at Black Finn bar and grill for St. Jude. Was a good time, and obviously a great cause. She did a great job with the event.

In closing I'd like to thank Betsy and Tabby for coming down 90 minutes from Saginaw to be with Kevin the evening before, and the day of surgery.

I may not post again for a bit, so I hope everyone enjoys the 4rth of July Weekend.


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