Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beach Vacation

We were fortunate to be able to go on our annual family beach vacation. Kevin really missed it last year and during chemo when Kevin was really sick we promised him two beach vacations this summer because it is something he enjoys so much.

We drove from Michigan to northern Virgina where we stayed with Mike's sister's family and the kids enjoyed a sleep over with their cousins who are close in age to them. The next day we headed out to Maryland where we had lunch with my sister's family and then headed up to Pennsylvaina where we had dinner with Mike's grandparents, his uncle and his family. Then headed back to the Maryland and over to the Atlantic coast. We got to enjoy almost a full week of beach time. The weather was fabulous , which is unusual, there is typically one rain day. We have been going on this beach vacation (except last year of course) for 7 years.

Kevin enjoyed making sand castles, reading and flirting with the ocean's edge. He isn't strong enough for the waves of the ocean yet.

Scotty spent lots of time swimming in the ocean. And Jake loved putting his toes in. Jake even sliped away but fortunatly someone found him quickly and returned him to us. While swiming in the ocean we also saw a small brown shark come close to the shore (while we were swimming close by). We also got to see a beach rescue on the 4th. There weren't that many people at the beach until the 4th of July, then it was packed.

Overall it was a much needed vacation for all of us.


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