Saturday, November 1, 2008

So Much Candy!

We all went Trick or Treating last night in Rachel's neighborhood. As Rachel wrote, Kevin's best friend Kyle came (he lives a few houses down from me) and went with us. I was incredibly impressed by Kevin's stamina. No he didn't keep up with the other kids (they ran on ahead), but him and Kyle gutted it out and completed the entire neighborhood route. He has enough candy to open up a store! His friend Kyle was very sweet, and slowed down for Kevin as the group of 8 or 9 quickly dwindled to just Kevin and Kyle (and of course Rachel, Mike, Baby Jake, and me). Scotty and the neighborhood kids that were orginally part of our group treated this like a 5k race--lol. Kevin did very well though, and I was pleasantly surprised. We also went to his Haloween party at school. His first full day of school yesterday went with no issues. I enjoyed being in his classroom, and made sure to observe his interaction (or lack there of with the other kids). He doesn't initiate at all. The kids talk to him, and he either doesn't answer or answers back in one quick sentence. He's nervous and it will take some time. A couple of the girls in particular are very kind to Kevin (in his class), and I hope now that he's going a full day he'll feel more comfortable with his role in the classroom. His eye lashes and eye brows have grown back, so his facial features have returned some what. He's done well on his first two spelling test. His teacher told me he had no problem telling her to slow down! I thought that was kind of funny. He's also reading for pleasure more often now, which is excellent progress. I hope everybody is doing well this day after Halloween.


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