Sunday, November 9, 2008


Kevin wasn't feeling well yesterday. Scotty spent the night on Friday night. Kevin seemed to have decent energy Friday night. The 3 of us even wrestled for a few minutes. Around 6 a.m. I awoke to the sound of him getting sick. It's always scary when he vomits, as that's one of the symptoms of the shunt failing, as well as the presence of a brain tumor it's self. However, it wasn't accompanied by a headache, and it's not abnormal for somebody on Kevin's protocol to experience bouts of nausea for up to 6 months. Rachel came over and kept a motherly eye on him, as I took Scotty to breakfast and went to the toy store for all 3 boys. She called the pediatrician, and we're just going to keep an eye on him. He started feeling a little better through the day yesterday, and this morning he woke up early (daddy slept in) and read for over an hour in bed with me. His appetite isn't what it was a few days ago, and his energy though better then yesterday, is still pretty low. He's tired of me asking about whether or not he has a headache, and feeling around his head and pushing down on the valve on his shunt (if it's hard that could be a sign the shunt isn't working). A morning of Spongebob seems to be just what the doctor ordered. We'll keep a close eye on him and make a decision tonight about school tomorrow. He insist he feels fine and wants to go to school. We'll see.

On Thursday Kevin, Rachel, Mike and I attended a St. Jude Fundraiser and fashion show at Sachs Fifth Avenue. Kevin read an entire book to the attendees/supporters. He was very brave reading into a microphone in front of a decent size audience. I think Rachel and I were more nervous for him, then he was for himself. Tom Izzo was a special guest, and delivered a 10 minute speech. He's new to the St. Jude cause, but with his celebrity profile I hope he continues. Kevin met with him, and he signed a picture and gave him an MSU basketball which he also signed and personalized to Kevin. He was really excited about the ball. He also invited us to an M.S.U. game this year. This is probably something Kevin and I will take Coach Izzo up on. I of course was my normal foot in the mouth self. We were talking and Tom Izzo started commenting on how much tremendous sacrafice we've made. His words were well intended, but me being me had to correct him and let him know it's not sacrafice when it's your child. I wish I could give more, or even switch places with him. Short awkward pause, then our conversation moved on swimingly--lol. He seemed pretty genuine, and had a 90 + minute drive back to Lansing on a Thursday night.

As Rachel wrote yesterday, Sara Parker seems to be struggling for her life. Although her prognosis was never favorable, everybody always held out hope. Sara and her mom were one of the families we met our first go around at RMH. Our prayers are with her family, as they go through an ordeal no parent should ever have to go through.

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terri and heather braswell said...

Sorry Kevin was not feeling well. Hope he is doing better. Sounds like Kevin did great at the fundraiser. Rachel did great too. We have talked several times and I really appreciate her friendship. We are praying that this turns out to be vomitting. Sometimes we just want vomit to be vomit. With brain tumors I am not sure that will ever be the case. I completely understand all the anxieties. Hope Kevin is feeling better and back at school. Much love, Terri and Heather