Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today we had parent teacher conferences for Kevin, and yesterday was his IEP. He'll have a litany of test over the next several weeks, then we'll go from there to see what services Kevin will get at school. The parent teacher conference went pretty well. He's only been in school full time since Halloween, so he's pretty much developing towards grade level in most areas, but not quite there yet. Other then writting he's improving and seems to be catching up. We'll do what we need to do to help Kevin make the progress he's capable of making in writting. He has a long way to go, but I know I've seen solid improvement since his return. Physically Kevin's feeling well. He had a tough weekend, but I think it was a bug. Why you ask? Because I was sick Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a sliver of understanding after this stomach virus, of knowing how it feels not to want food what so ever. His hair on his head is starting to grow. His eye brows and eye lashes are back, which has brough back a good part of his facial features. He's self conscious about the ridge on his head from the shunt, so we're all happy the hair is beginning to grow on his head. We watched Kung Fu Panda on DVD today then read a few chapters of his Beast Quest series. As usual he was very open and takative in bed. It was a very good night with Kevin, then again every night is a great night with Kevin. Being sick and having to keep my distance from him was terrible. Tonight was a very good night.

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