Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Continued improvement

Kevin has been feeling stronger each and every day. He has a lot of life in his voice that I've not heard for a very long time. He's been lobbying since Monday to go back to school. Rachel and I discussed it this morning, and as long as it's ok with his teacher we're going to have him start tomorrow morning. It's a great sign overall that Kevin's tired of staying home doing nothing all day. It was good for him to have that 10 days of sleeping in, but his friends are at school all day, so it's just him mom and Jake. He has his fall festival (fair) this friday. We're all looking forward to this event. We also are going to the Apple Orchard/cider Mill this Sunday as an outing for his Cub Scouts. One thing we'll need to work on is bed time, now that he's going back to school. I can't speak for Rachel, but I've been a little more lenient with him especially if he's watching a movie. He's been reading quite well, and his math seems pretty good as well. His writting has absolutely taken the biggest hit from this ordeal. We're not certain if it's from the surgery, radiation, or chemo but it's a source of frustration for him. He's actually writting at a lower level then he was in the beginning of second grade. We'll get him all the help he needs to improve. In the grand scheme of things we can handle accademic issues with not a lot of worry. Dealing with these issues seem small now in comparison to what we've had to deal with this past 9 months. We feel very blessed to have him here, with no evidense of tumor left. We know he's not out of the woods for a few years, but I choose to be positive and optimistic. In closing, we still think about those we left behind at St. Jude, every day.

Take Care,



Kathy said...

The first year we were home, Steven had a horrible time with writing. It was almost like there was a short circuit between his brain and his hand or something.

He couldn't get his homework done unless I was literally sitting with him helping him.

But the next year was a completely different story- everything improved and school wasn't such a chore any more, his grades went way up.

The healing takes time. Say hi to Kevin for us.

Terri Braswell said...

I have been thinking of you guys alot. Sorry I have not signed on. Glad to hear all is well with Kevin. That is great he wants to get back in school. Baby steps is what it is all about.

Heather is doing well. She has not gained much weight maybe a half pound but she is not losing. We go back in Nov for her scans. The closer it gets or actually the farther out from the last scans the more aware I am. Every thing is on hyper alert. But like you said after everything we have been through in the last 8-9 months this is a piece of cake for the kids.

We miss seeing you guys and hope to see you in the near future. Have fun at the festival and know we are always thinking of you guys and keeping you in our prayers. Much love, Terri and Heather