Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Settling in

Well Kevin's been back home 4 days now. He's been settling in pretty well considering how long it's been. We had a big family dinner (both grandmas, aunts, uncles, and of course us parents) on Monday evening. I think it was probably the first time some of them have seen Kevin in months. He did pretty well, although he started losing some steam after his second piece of pizza. Today Rachel brought him to school for a little bit. He visited his class room for a bit, and sat down in the lunch room to visit some other people including his brother, Scotty. Rachel said it was a bit emotional for Kevin when he walked in to his class, but he was very surpised and excited to see so many familiar faces from last years class. This Saturday we're having a pretty big Welcome HOme party for him. He's very excited about that as well. Tonight we had Cub Scouts, and Kevin did nothing short of spectacular. He was able to do everything the group did, including a game outside that involved a lot of running around. We're staying up late (for Kevin) tonight and watching The Avengers the Next Generation. We're going to the hair salon tomorrow morning to visit our favorite Hair Stylist, Amy (Daddy needs a hair cut really, really bad). Kevin always had a cute little boy crush on her, and he can't wait to tell her his new jokes he learned while in Memphis. All in all a pleasant first week back thus far. We miss everybody who's still at St. Jude, and think about them often. I think this weekend for me will be weird not jumping on a plane, or sleeping in the Target House. If Kevin can adapt though, I certainly can.

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Laura said...

I can't tell you how happy we are to have you all home. This is an amazing week, things feel right again. I'm so happy you guys are taking things slow and bringing him for visits to school and letting him get re-acquainted again at his own pace :-) It's been a long time for all of you. YOu all need some old fashion nesting again in your "home and town". I love you all and am so thrilled to celebrate his homecoming tomorrow.