Wednesday, October 1, 2008

He's eating!!!

From memphis

Kevin is feeling really good. He is eating more than he has since radiation. We went to Chili's with a group for families from St. Jude (and one of Kevin's friends who is from Memphis). Kevin ate almost all of his pizza that night and he has been going strong ever since. We have been able to stop is odansatron. He did get a little nauseated this morning after our pillow fight (that is how good he is feeling, he attacked me with a pillow this morning.)

So we are just waiting for his platlet level to get to 50k, it was at 32k yesterday and 20k on Monday, so it is moving up. They have him scheduled to pull his line on Friday, but they told me not to expect his counts to be high enough on Friday. His hemoglobin level droped yesterday and both of those count levels have to be stable before we can pull his line. So we will just wait and see but it looks like he will be home next week.


Allen family said...

We are so glad to hear Kevin is doing well. He is so often on our minds, even though we've been a little busy around our house, what with the new baby. We will continue to pray for him, most especially that he recovers fast and can go home!!! Love to you all!

melissa said...

Melissa Tabaka (Brown)

Rachel I am so happy to hear that Kevin is doing so much better. he is one strong guy, He takes after his mom for sure ;)There hasn't been a day that he isn't in my thoughts or the thoughts of my family since the day I found out about him being sick. When the day I come on here and read that he is coming home, I will make sure to pack up the kids and go to Chillies to celebrate, let me just say that restaurant is in a whole new light for me, and I hold it in high regards.

With much love,
Melissa :D