Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Weekend

I know, I know it has taken me a week to get these pictures up. It is now a new weekend and I am still playing catch up from last weekend. We are all still readjusting. Jake has taken to screaming very loudly most of the day, so my nerves and what has been left of my brain are pretty much shot. Kevin loves being back in school but feels really far behind. He has been back for less than a week and he is only doing half days for right now, so it is a situation that will be monitored.

I am taking Scotty out on his first mommy date night hopefully this weekend. Jake is such a time hog I am going to try to take the older boys out for 'date' nights so they get a little just mommy and me time a couple of times a month. Scotty is so excited about this. Scotty seems to be doing well in school. It is getting pretty chilly in these northern parts of the country and Scotty is wearing his winter jacket to school to make me happy, but slips his lite spring superman jacket into his school bag everyday. I caught him at school today out on recess with just the light jacket on!!! I didn't say anything but realized I had been tricked into thinking he was wearing his winter jacket.

Jake is into EVERYTHING and this house is pretty poorly baby proofed. I can't keep up!

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