Friday, December 5, 2008

General Update

Things still seem to be going quite well with Kevin. I've certainly seen great strides in school. He still struggles with writting, but is definitely making solid improvements. His math and reading seems to be very good. His hair is definitely growing back. I think by January or February his hair will just be a little bit shorter version of his friends hair. He seems to have one "kind of" crummy day for every 7 or 8 good days. A typical bad day is a little nausea and lack of energy. We all had a very nice Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to Christmas. He's been positive and pretty strong overall. Although, last night he had a terrible nightmare. I fell asleep watching tv on the couch, and he started screaming for me in the middle of the night. I ran up stairs in record time, and he just grabbed hold of me, and told me to get in bed. He held on as tight as he could for a long time. I asked what the nightmare was about, and he said he couldn't remember, but that he was so glad I was there. It was really upsetting because I haven't seen him that scared inquite some time. Hopefully it's just a typical little kid nightmare about monsters or something. Although, we've not seen anything remotely scary of late on TV or DVD. My biggest fear would be if he's starting to have nightmares relating to his cancer. I just don't want to see him suffer any more. Hopefully it was a one time deal. Probably making too much of it (it's Rachel's job to over-react---j.k. ---lol), it was just very different to see him so desperately scared. ............Other then that everythings good. We're going back down to St. Jude in January. It will be strange, because in some ways St. Jude seems like a life time ago, even though it's only been 2 months since we've been home. I'll sign off for now.


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terri braswell said...

So glad to hear Kevin is making such improvements. Baby steps and before we know it his lone bad day will be monthly.

Heather has occassional nightmares she can not recall. With all they have been through it is a wonder they can sleep at all. Then I remember how strong these kids are and am just grateful for what I have learned from them.

Hope you have a great holiday season. We have so much to be thankful for. Do you have the dates you head back to Memphis in Jan? I really hope we are able to see ya'll soon. Much love, Terri and Heather Ya'll are always in our prayers.