Sunday, December 14, 2008

So Proud

Words can not express how proud of Kevin I am this morning. He did a wonderful job reading portions of "Flake Like Mike" on the Channel 7 News this morning. He was so nervous, but he pulled through and did St. Jude's and Sak's proud. The goal of course is for his participation to stimulate sales of the book, with $2 of every sale going directly to St. Jude. I was nervous for him, as I sat in the studio with the Regional St. Jude represnative. She was very helpful, as was the Sak's Executive who was on the air with Kevin. We look forward to helping St. Jude in any way we can in the future. I hope some of Kevin's friends, classmates, family, and community memebers were able to see him. As brave as he was, it still pales to the courage he and all of the other St. Jude children have shown through their battles. Saying that, I'm still very proud of him.

Take Care,


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