Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everybody had a terrific Christmas. Ours was great! Went to Christmas eve service last night, then had the family over my house this morning and we opened presents and had a Christmas Brunch. Santa was kind to Kevin, as well as Scotty and Jacob. Rachel, Mike, my siblings (and their spouces), and grandma and grandpa all were over. Kevin had a big smile on his face all morning long. He's going on vacation with Rachel and Mike until next weekend. Then we embark on our trip to St. Jude. My thoughts are with all the families at St. Jude who had to spend Christmas there. I know St. Jude, the Target House and the Ronald McDonald House all do a wonderful job in making the most of the Holidays for the patients and their families. Still, I know having spent some of our own holidays there, it's not the same as being home. I hope everybody has a safe and happy New Year as well


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Terri Braswell said...

We are so glad to hear that Kevin is doing so well. There is no better gift that could be given this Christmas then having a child that is smiling and feeling better. Sounds like ya'll had a great Christmas. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. They will remain with you during the St Jude visit. Have a wonderful New Year. We are all happy to say goodbye to 2008 and HELLO to 2009. Much love, Terri and Heather