Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And the verdict is still out....

Radiation seemed to go okay. While I was in the waiting room waiting for Kevin yesterday I met a kid who hasn’t lost his hair from chemo & radiation. Pretty amazing. He looks great. Most kids lose their eye brows and eye lashes along with there hair and he had it all. So I am going to just keep praying that God allows Kevin to keep all of his hair everywhere and keeps him very healthy through the whole thing.

Kevin did get incredible sick last night but I am not sure if it is because he had to go so long without eating yesterday and when he did eat he was trying to be energetic. (I think he is losing it mentally because he has been away from his friends for so long). Kevin had to have his port accessed yesterday and last week when they accessed it he kicked the nurse several times and yelled and screamed for through the whole thing (at the top of his lungs that we were killing him). So this time I used bribery. Yes, I have been reduced to bribing my son. I promised him a $20 pack of Pokomon cards if he was good to the nurse. In the end he did do better than last week but he still made the nurse ask him over 10 times to turn around. And he did tell us several times that we were trying to kill him but at least he wasn’t screaming. So we aren’t exactly there yet but he did improve. So I told him at the end of it he earned a $10 pack because he did improve but there was still room for improvement. (The nurses all agreed with me on this one). He was not happy at first but then through out the day he figured he still had $8 left from the gift card EPD got him so he was good. As soon as he came to yesterday after radiation he wanted to go to Target and get his Pokomon cards. I tried warning him he needed to go lay down back at our room but he insisted. Sure enough he started feeling quesy at Target and then threw up in the car on the way back. Moms know nothing apparently!!!!! He did continue to throw up a couple more times after we FINALLY made it back but I think he did manage to eat ½ a hamburger and keep it down. Another mom here gave me some crackers and he ate about 10 of them. But that is all he ate yesterday. So I am still not sure about what caused this, we have another around this morning at 8:45 am so we will see...........


Marc A said...

We are the Alexanders who live at 1405 Vanstone. I am sorry but I don't believe we have met yet. In June it will be two years since we moved in. We heard about Kevin's situation from the Tinskeys and we are keeping up with your blog. We want you to know that our family is praying for, thinking of, and wishing Kevin and your family strength through this difficult period and a speedy recovery. We have three children of our own Julia (16), Robbie (11), and Gabrielle (2). Please let us know if we can help in some way. Marc and Diane Alexander

restenman said...

Dear Rachel,
I am so sorry Kevin has to go through all this, such a little trooper he his. I do feel the Protocel I mentioned to you will help him get better with no side effects. I have been researching it more and more, I wish I could share my heart feeling with you. If you would like more information let me know and I will send you a book I got on it, most interesting. I felt led by the Lord to write you tonight, Carole is back home, if you talk to her let her know and I will send you the book. or if you have a contact person here. Also, I have a phone # where you can talk to people about it. There are many beautiful testimonials on this wonderful product from the Lord, their is a beautiful story behind it. It will truly bless your heart and Kevin's life.

Donna Costa Stenman

1-888-679-2669 # for information.
There also is a CD on the testimonials, and information.