Monday, March 10, 2008

The Weekend in Review

Eric arrived late Thursday night. So Friday he took Kevin to his radiation appointment and I got to go grocery shopping with Jake. A snow storm hit Memphis Friday afternoon. Eric made dinner of tacos for us Friday evening. Kevin ate 2 whole soft shell tacos!!! Friday evening Mike and Scotty arrived. It was nice to have everyone here. A older brother of a patient came from Georgia to visit. His name is Chandler and Kevin and him hit it off right away. Chandler is exactly a year and a day older than Kevin. They thought that was pretty neat. Scotty of course was included and they ran around and played like normal boys. The only time I noticed that Kevin was the sick one was when they went out to play basketball. Normally Kevin has enough engery to keep up but he played for less than 5 mintues and then sat out the rest of the time Scotty and Chandler played basketball.

We also took the trolley to the Peabody Center and went to Jillians for a family night out Saturday night. Kevin was so worried about missing our stop he forgot to enjoy the short Trolley ride.

Overall it was a nice weekend. I have missed Scotty and Mike alot. I think Kevin has missed having his brother around the most. Scotty and Kev are pretty close as far as brothers go.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I still have no USB to connect the camera to the laptop. Here are some pictures from my cell phone. Sorry about the quality. Most of these pictures are from our first week here. This past Friday marked week 2 for us.

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