Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kevin and (soon to be) Uncle Justin Shave their heads!

Kevin's hair was coming out, and not just in small patches. It took one trip to Fantastic Sam's and then I cleaned it up the next day as Kevin's shunt made the stylist a bit hesitant to shave it all off. One of the deals my (bonus) sister, (Nicole) finance, Justin, made with Kevin when he was in the hospital here in Michigan was he would shave his hair off too when Kevin lost all of his. True to his word he got news of Kevin's hair and shaved his head to. Way to go Uncle Justin!

Here is a picture of Justin & of Kevin getting his hair cut. Kevin has yet to let us take a picture of him without his hair.


The Greens said...

My hubbie shaves his head so (according to him) he can look like a stud! As I would agree he's pretty handsome, Kevin and Uncle Justin are in good company! If you want to take a look at his bald head, just click on our google name and you can get to our blog.
Here's to handsome bald guys!!

Kate from Rachel's MOPS

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel:

I read the blog at least once a week. I am so happy to hear that Kevin is progressing through his treatments of radiation now without sedation. Bravo for his courage and the ipod!! Will you continue to stay at the RM House? I pray and think positive thoughts about all of you.

Laura P from MOPS

John Carroll said...

You guys both look like studs!

Thanks for sharing your stories on-line. Know that God is providing an on-line community of friends to read your stories and pray for your requests.

We will continue to think of you all specifically.

- the carroll family