Saturday, March 1, 2008

A post about Jake

I know most of you check in about Kevin, but for our extended family that checks to see what is happening with our little family I wanted to let you know what Jake started doing this past week. He started clapping!! He will clap at people as the walk by us when we are waiting for doctors and such in the waiting rooms.

I hope to get a movie of it & up loaded. But, also, I don't have a USB connector to download the movies and pictures yet either (the joys of a short notice move, not much time to plan what I really need). I maybe waiting for Mike & Scotty's next trip out here before I get one.

Jake also has hit another growing spurt. I brought all 3-6 month clothes and he is working on growing out of them within a week. He eats like we are starving him. He will easily go through two jars of baby food that is always mixed with rice cereal or oatmeal. Yesterday I had a baked potato for lunch; well actually, Jake had the baked potato. He almost finished the whole inside of the baked potato!

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The Greens said...

Hi Rachel,

What a joy Jake sounds like! Our prayers are always with Kevin AND with ALL of you so it is nice to hear about little Jake!

Take Care,