Friday, March 14, 2008

A Decade of Children’s Environmental Health Research

I found this interesting. I am very curious as to what made Kevin suseptable to cancer. Though this does not give a clear answer I found it a worthwhile read.

Decade of Children’s Environmental Health Research - EPA

I also changed the setting so you do not have to be a registered user to leave a comment. We will see how it goes. If we get spammers (people soliciting for business) I may have to change it back.


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restenman said...

Hi Rachel,
I read you posts almost daily. I commend you and pray for your strength and wisdom. The pictures are adorable. they help keep us connected there with you. Kevin is such a tropper. I have some information I would love to share with you, let me know if you are interested. It seems you are searching for answers, that is good,this book may provide some.
Let Carole know next time you talk to her and I will send it to you, okay. I surely will, I wrote down your address there.
Your Jake reminds me of Michael when he was that age, cute baby, so precious.
Take care, keeping you lifted in prayer. God Bless you all through this difficult time.