Friday, February 29, 2008

Kevin's Good Day

Kevin had a great day today. He was walking upright, not all hunched over. He is working with an OT and a PT (therapists) 2-3 times a week. He actually wrestled with his dad yesterday. He hasn't done that in over a month. I am so appreciative that he is getting one normal weekend before the radation starts. There is another little girl here with the same thing as Kevin & she is a couple of weeks ahead of him in treatment & she is having a really rough time. Her name is Heather & I am sure her mom would appreciate any extra prayers.

All of Kevin’s tests came back negative so that means they have classified him as a classic average risk Medulloblastoma. So the plan is to give him standard treatment. It is the treatment part that is very frightening (after the intial diagnosis). If you are praying for him, please pray that Kevin responds well to treatment, that the radiation and chemo don't damage his body but only rid his body from any cancer so there is no relapse; I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,


Kathy said...

We're so glad to hear that all the tests came back for average risk, that's huge.

Radiation goes pretty easily for most kids, we will keep Heather in our prayers and pray that Kevin's radiation is uneventful.

Janine said...

The side effects are super scary, and we will keep Kevin & his body's ability to respond to treatment in our prayers. Also for little Heather...we think of you constantly & pray that not only will Kevin do well but that his parents will continue to be strong and wise as you have been.