Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Losing Track of Days

I don't know how many times I ask someone 'what day is it'?

Well I think today is Wednesday. Kevin mostly had great day yesterday. He got in a wheel chair to go to the library on this floor and get some books. That was awesome! He is facing one set back, it isn't looking good that his head will start processing its own fluid the way it is suppose to. If God doesn't will for his little brain to start taking over again, he will have to have another brain surgery. We might end up back at square one.

The his pathology is suppose to be reviewed today at the Tumor board. Hopefully today they will confirm what was said to us about the tumor after his last surgery.

We have run into some issues with our now old peditrician but hopefully I have it almost resolved and have a new one on board. I don't have time to worry about what to do about that yet.

I am sure the rollarcoaster ride is far from over. I appreciate all of the offers of help, I am not sure how I could do it without all of the help because I still have to be mom to Jake & Scotty too.

Everyones gifts and cards make a HUGE difference. It is so nice to see him laugh at the jokes the boys from his class wrote in their cards and the hearts and love the girls sent certainly made him blush. Kevin misses school and home so much. He is very brave and strong and all the love and support only makes him stronger and more determined to beat this and get home.

Thank you!!!

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Willardson said...

Rachel our prayers are with you! I can't imagine what you are going through. Please know we are thinking of you!
Love, Trista