Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 5....

Hi Everyone, Kevin is started to feel a bit better. He wasn't in as much pain today as he was yesterday. Kevin was able to move his legs up to his chest to scratch an itch this evening. He's been having a lot of itches lately; mostly due to the pain killers he's on (he's been heavily medicated lately). But moving his legs is a big improvement from yesterday. Kevin also was able to eat some real solid food for the first time (if you call hospital food real food); He ate an ice cream scoop size of Mac n' Cheese. Kevin keeps asking when is he going to be able to come home. He says that he can't remember what home is like. Speaking of the home front... The neighborhood has been kind enough to all chip in to buy Kevin some Webkinz - 30 so far but the plan is for him to receive a few a day. Today he received 7. Kevin was sssssooooo happy to receive them that he flashed a weak smile and said "Tell everyone that I said thank you" in his small weak voice. The Webkins have been Kevin's focal point. We are finding that it helps to ease the pain without medication.
We would also like to send out a big "Thank You" to everyone for all the support!! It's wonderful to know that there are so many people who care and are willing to help. We can't make it through this without you... It's going to be a long process.

Aunt Becca

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Kelly said...

Mike and family,
Daryl and I just heard about this news through forwarded emails from V-Engine. Daryl and I are praying for you guys and please contact us if there's anything we can do. Hearts 'n hugs, Daryl and Kelly Self and kids.