Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally Some Good News!

4 surgeries, 4 procedures (2 MRI’s, 1 CT scan and a bone marrow test) and we have our little Kevin home for a couple of weeks!! Kevin is tired & uncomfotable with the Broviac port in his chest and has spent the last two days curled up in the fetal position. He really worried me yesterday but the doctor has reassured me it takes 4-6 weeks for him to get used to his shunt and he probably is really feeling the pain since they stopped the morphine. We did get some good news today! Kevin’s bone marrow test came back negative so no cancer in his bones!!!! Friday Kevin will have his Spine MRI and lumbar puncture to find out if any of the cancer has spread to his CF or spine. I am exhausted more than any new baby has done to me.

Today two people from Orchard Grove church came to visit Kevin. He wasn't much into visitors at the time, but I was able to eventually coax him into opening the gifts they got him, he LOVED the Simon Says game and played it until the physical therapist insisted he put it down for his therapy session. It totally cheered him up along with all of the posters the kids did in Kids World. He also loved the movie Eragon (sp?) that the Glengary PTA included in their goodie bag. Thank you so much for being apart of Kevin's healing process.

Kevin may go back to school next week. It won't be full days at first and this isn't for sure yet but if he does, if your child goes to school with him you may want to prep them. Kevin has a large, very noticeable 'bump' on his head where the shunt is and a lot of stitches on his head. Right now his hair is shaved rather oddly because they 'are surgeons, not hair stylist.' Hopefully my sister Leslie (who is a hair stylist) can fix it tomorrow. I told him if he wants a mohawk for now that would be fine. All of his hair will be falling out eventually so we might as well make this as fun as possible. Kevin may also require a wheel chair as he is pretty weak. I think the physical changes will be the hardest for the kids (it is for me). I am worried about how the kids will react to him, but I also feel like he could really use a break from this very adult world he has been thrust into.

Thank you for all the prayers, it was so nice to get some positive news in all of this darkness.

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Linda said...

Rachel & Mike.
We just returned from vacation and I'm so sorry to learn of all the anguish and emotional turmoil you all have been going through. I will pray fervently for Kevin, Jake, Scotty and yourselves.
God Bless you,
Linda Endrasik