Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Miss My In-laws

Last week Mike’s parents were here to help with the other two kids. Now that Kevin’s home, it feels like I have 2 infants and a preschooler. I love having him home, but it is very demanding. A neighbor has been a tremendous help and my MOPS groups has been great with sending meals which is helping make this all the more bearable. I think that is helping me not lose my mind.

70-80% Success Rate in about 15-20 Patients Per Year. That was the statistic I was given when I looked into CHM’s success rate with treating medulloblastoma. Sounds positive? Not if it is your child’s life. To me, that means they lost a little more than a couple of children with my son’s diagnosis. I don’t want my son to be on that end of the statistic. I want to know what I can do differently than the parents who lost their children to make sure my son makes it through this. I have read that girls seem to do better than boys through this. Hmmmm….my son is a boy. Okay, I can’t change that he is a boy (and wouldn’t), but still what can I do to make sure he survives this? I am searching for the answers to this.

Well the baby is up so I only have a few spare minutes left. Here are some pictures from when Kevin was in the hospital and the boys with the Webkinz and stuffed animals they got. Kevin & Scotty send out a BIG THAK YOU! to everyone


The Greens said...

Hi Rachel,

Thinking of you and praying for you constantly. No words can rightly express nor do justice to this situation but please know that we fight in prayer along with you for Kevin.

Take Care,
Kate from MOPS :-)

zubes said...

Hi Rachel,
It sounds like you're keeping a positive attitude and that's what you all need. You have a lot of love and prayers behind you. I'm so glad you're all home now.
Lots of love,

Navalpride said...

I would like to be able to give you the words to inspire, lift, and cause peace in this situation. I feel that jerk in my heart when I think of the parental views and worries and concerns that must wash through your mind. I can't. But I stand, sword and shield in prayerful voice to our Father, for your, and the rest of your family.
With love,
Jim Hutson

Michelle Gettier said...

Rachel -
My name is Michelle Gettier and Steve Pugh was my roomate for 5 years and is now my brother-in-law. He and Tina have been keeping me up to date on Kevin's illness. Please know that we are praying for Kevin and your family. I want to put you in touch with my best friend from work - - her name is Paulette Keatley and her soon to be 8 year old son Trent just finished his last chemo treatment on Monday at Presbyterian Children's Hopsital in Charlotte NC. He also was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in Dec 2006. Please contact her when you have a moment - I told her of your situation. She may be of help to you in some way - a mother's point of view. Be strong! Michelle Gettier

Liana said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin and all of you. What an amazing mom Kevin has. We love you!!!