Monday, February 18, 2008

Need a Prayer

My ped is working on getting slides of Kevin's tumor to St. Judes by this Wednesday. It has to be there by Wednesday in order for him to be considered for treatment there.


Kelley Dietrich said...

Rachel and Kevin,

My name is Kelley Dietrich, my son Nick sits at Kevin's table in Mrs. Stout's class and I do one on one guded reading with Kevin on Wed. mornings. Tell him we really miss him!

I would like to pass on some information from a friend of mine who's daughter wasdiagnosed with a brain tumor. She also started at Children's Hospital and became unhappy with their procedures. She then turned to the Cleveland Clinic and the difference was night and day. She was able to be seen within the week she contacted them (they made all arrangements for medical records to be sent electronically) and many options were given. After establishing a treatment plan they than worked with U of M so she wasn't making the long trip week after week. She highly recommends them even for a second or third opinion. She said the tumor specialist she worked with came from St. Judes.

If you would like her name and number she said she would be more than happy to talk to you. She also said she would pass on the imformation on who she worked with iof you choose to go there.

Please know you are in our thoughts! Tell Kevin we said Hi!

Feel free to contact with any questions regarding Clevland Clinic if you haven't made other arrangements yet and I will try to get you the right imformation.

Kelley Dietrich

Kathy said...

I got my son's slides by telling the oncology nurse I needed them for a second opinion to take place the next day.

She balked and said it would be several days and I said I'd come pick them up in person later that day.

Then I drove down there and parked myself outside their door. I waited about an hour but I got them.

And I never gave them back, St. Jude has them now.

I'm praying you can get this done.