Monday, February 18, 2008

Lumbar Puncture tomorrow (aka LP or spinal tap)

Tomorrow we have to be at CHM bright & earlier (7:30am) for Kevin’s spinal tap. This test will tell us if the cancer has spread to his CSF (?). I love it when dr.’s try to reassure me that everything will be fine, the test only carries a small risk….I understand, but I am still uneasy about it!!! Please say a prayer that this test won't harm Kevin and that he will be spared from the pain. I am really worried about this.

Hopefully tomorrow we will hear the results from Kevin’s spinal MRI too. Kevin got really sick from the sedation drugs they used on him Sunday. He couldn’t eat all day & when he could eat, he couldn’t keep it down! ;(

Scotty is trying to understand what is happening to his big brother. I can see he feels very overlooked right now and really wants my attention, or just to cuddle, when we are home. Today Scotty was a huge help as I had to take all of the kids with me as I gathered copies of Kevin’s medical records to ship to Tennessee. He carried a box in and helped Kevin get comfortable while they waited for me to make copies. BTW – Grammie & Pappy we also shipped out a box to you too.


Michael said...

Prayers are being sent your way from Dearborn.

Thanks for the updates as they help us to contiue rooting for Kevin and his family!

- Mike DeGuire and family

Kathy said...

For Scotty, mabe try signing him up for Super Sibs,

They'll send little gifts and notes to the sibling of a cancer patient.