Sunday, February 24, 2008


The family is all here in Memphis. Mike, Eric and Scotty all arrived LATE LATE Friday. Technically, Saturday morning around 3 am EST or 2am CT (local time). It worked out to be about a 13 hour drive, and no one got spared from ucky weather. Yup, I don't thinking anyone will be really up for that drive just for short weekends.

I am still working on living arrangements. There was a big college basketball game in town this past weekend (something about Tigers and I am not sure of the other Tennessee team) but none the less there were no hotels available within a reasonable radius. By the grace of God, when my parents, Kevin, Jake and I first got here Thursday night we had to check in at St. Jude. While I was filling out all of the paperwork another couple with a baby came in to check in. The mom started talking to us about Habitat for Hope. Her name was Rachel, her husband's name was Mike - what are the odds of that? So Habitat for Hope has put Mike, Scotty, Jake & I up in their guest rooms of their personal house. They are a Christian outreach that is run by a family. You can read their story via the link. Eric and Kevin have been staying at the hotel run by St. Jude’s.

We all (Eric, Mike, Kevin, Scotty, Jake, and I) went to church with our host family. Kevin's class wrote down prayer requests. He wouldn't let anyone read his. His Sunday school teacher seemed very nice. Scotty learned about living water.

I need to make some dinner for these troupes. Tomorrow is a long day at St. Judes. Dr. Gajar wants to meet with all parents. We start at 8 am have an hour lunch and end at 4 pm. Hopefully the kids make it!!!!!!


Rebecca & Mike said...

Hey Sis! I'm here for ya! We miss all you guys! and We are here the min that you need us!!

Lova ya!

restenman said...

Hi Rachel,
You have much courage. I will be praying for Kevin and all as you journey thorough St. Jude's.
Take care, and the Lord Bless you all,

Donna Costa Stenman

John Bommarito said...

I've been reading the blog and keeping you in my prayers. I just wanted you to know I'm out here if you need something.

Willardson said...

Rachel you are going through so much!! We are praying for you!
Love your long lost cousin!!