Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy Week

This is a big week for Kevin, as well as his family. Friday is his Variety Show performance in front of the entire school and parents. This will take place at the Walled Lake Northern auditorium. He has a 90 second routine of which he's telling jokes. I can't wait to see him. This is a signficant moment, as it's one day shy of 1 year since our family was crushed with Kevin's diagnosis. I don't like to re-live the moment, but since the year anniversary has been coming upon us, I can't help to revisit that terrible day. Not much can be more devastating to a parents ears, then being told the scans show your son has a brain tumor. I personally cried so much the first two days, that I have not cried since. Life will always be divided before January 31st 2008, and after January 31st 2008. The good news is, every day there after has been a blessing, filled with positives. Yes chemo was terrible, yes the living situation wasnt' ideal, but we were filled with hope (St. Jude's motto) each and every day since his surgery. Dr. Sood who's also a professor at Wayne State University will be getting a thank you email from meon the 31st, that's a certainty. Kevin continues to improve, and as I said 1 year from the grim realization that our son has a brain tumor, Kevin will be walking on stage, head full of hair, to deliver his corny kid friendly jokes to a large audience. Even if he freezes and runs off stage, I will be so proud of him. Saturday will be the Pine Wood Derby. This also is a big day, as last year Scotty and I went in Kevin's place, as he begun his long stay at DMC, which included 3 surgeries and plenty of recovery. The participation trophy Scotty and I brought to Kevin's hospital room, meant the world to him. I think the fact that Scotty was there in his place made Kevin feel better about it. This year Kevin will get to enjoy the whole experience! Finally, after the derby it's Scotty's 6 th birthday. Last year, Kevin missed Kevin's 5th birthday party. He was so upset! The first few days was really the only time Kevin was depressed, which nobody could blame him. Kevin thought, he was getting the MRI then going straight to Scotty's b-day party. As we all know, it didn't exactly turn out that way. But now one year later, Kevin will enjoy Scotty's 6th Birthday party. I'd also like to thank Michigan Chiller's and National Chiller's author, Jonathan Rand for sending Kevin 2 signed, not yet in stores, books. Kevin is so proud of them, and actually insist on keeping them in bed with him while he sleeps. Where we are this year, this week is certainly a much better place then this time last year. For that we are incredibly thankful!


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Terri said...

Wow! How far Kevin has come in one year!! We will be thinking of him tomorrow as he walks on that stage a proud and strong boy. We will be laughing with everyone and crying with you too as the proud parent.

You sound like you have a full schedule with all your activities. Tell Scotty Happy early Birthday!! We hope to see you soon. Stay warm and we are sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.

ROCK the HOUSE Kevin with your humor!! Good luck and we are very proud of you. Much love, Terri and Heather