Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

This past weekend the entire family (Kevin's brothers, me, mom and Step-Dad) went to Great Wolf Lodge in travers City. We all had a blast! There were so many different things to do, and with all 3 parents there we were able to divide when the kids weren't in agreement of what to do next. They had an enromous in-door water park with, I believe, 6 or 7 different water slides. Some of them had 3 person tubes, and were almost like going on a roller coaster. Kevin enjoyed the water slides, but he gets cold very easy and his energy still isn't at Scotty's level, so we only partook in the water park for a few hours on Saturday. Scotty on the other hand was all about the water park and probably spent 7 or 8 hours enoying the slides. They had a Medieval adventure game, called MagiQuest. This was kevin's absolute favorite thing to do....We probably spent 7 or 8 hours going on different adventures, armed with our high tech magical wands. The adventure covered parts of 3 levels of the lodge, and the wands activated all kinds of different things (battles, talking animals, illuminated forest, etc..). His highlight is when he defeated the Goblin, which was a huge challenge. This trip was paid for by Children's Hospital, which is where Kevin was diagnosed and had his tumor resection and shunt sugeries. Although we were blessed to end up at St. Jude's for his post surgical treatment, we owe DMC Childrens Hospital a great deal of gratitude as well. Dr. Sood was an outstanding surgeon, who's surgical results (and lack of side effects) will always be greatly appreciated. At any rate, we had the Get Away package, which was incredibly generous. I'm not sure if the Social worker from Childrens DMC reads our blog, but thank you for putting it together. Kevin's been feeling well, and has made very good strides in almost all areas. We must have walked up and down 4 flights of steps 20 or 30 times when playing the game, and although it tired him out some, I was tired too! Which shows, when motivated, his endurance wasn't so bad. I'm sure if it was walking up and down stairs to do chores, it would have been different. We've been reading all the others St. Jude's blogs, and enjoy keeping up on them. I hope everybody has a fine M.L.K. day today.


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Terri and Heather said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend!! We are so happy Kevin is able to get out and enjoy things. Sounds like he did very well and you all got a lot of exercise. We think of you often. Hope to see ya'll one day soon. We head back to Memphis Feb 16 for 2 days. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the great work Kevin. We are all very proud of you. Much love, Terri and Heather